Friday, January 30, 2009

Beaded Art Doll - January

This is Silver Belle, my January doll. She is done in bead embroidery and Ndebele stitch. A glass bubble covers and protects her face from the harsh elements. Snowflakes adorn her head and feet. Bits of "snow" are encrusted on her stand. She can't wait for spring!

Beaded Leaf Book

Left: The beaded book in its open state.
Bottom: The cover board of the book and beaded spine. The book is covered with palm. A copal bead acts as the closure for the book.

The good news! This book was accepted by Interweave as a finalist in the Beaded Book contest.

Beaded Leaf

The last of the leaves for a total of five. The entry above shows the completed beaded book project.

Beaded Journal Page - January

January's butterfly has shades of silver and white to express the winter weather. Little snowflakes adorn the perimeter of the fabric.

Beaded doll swap

This is Mary Go Round. She is all bead embroidered and sprinkles love wherever she goes. Her face is polymer clay. She is going to live with someone else once she gets swapped out.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beaded Art Doll - December

This is the Xmas elf, Twinkle Toes. I used Ndebele, brick stitch and bead embroidery to complete this doll. He has curly toes and holly for hands. The little Santa's hat is made of felt and suede. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Beaded Leaf

The fourth beaded leaf in a series of five. The eyelets have been added so that this book can be sewn together.

Beaded Journal Page - December

The December journal page uses red as its highlight. Gold beads accent the butterfly.

Book Arts

Xmas Star book. You can see where it gets its name. The cover paper is embossed velvet giving the book a holiday feel.


I've created my own fabric print with this repetitive design. Let's see what we can concoct from it!

Beaded necklace

A double spiral of pearls with African Copal.