Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fo Lung (Fiery Dragon)

This was a bead challenge.  The original teapot form is shown on the top.  The photo below shows the transformed teapot, a Fiery Dragon.  A lampwork bead serves as the dragon's head.  The body is done in colorful sequins.  The dragon's saddle is made up of RAW technique embellished with firepolish beads.  Legs were  incorporated into the form.  Fo Lung wearily guards the gates.

Catch of the Day

A bead embroidered pendant featuring an ammonite and found sea shell.  Copper jump rings were sewn individually on the leather backing making for a net-like feeling.  The fringe includes metal and jasper beads.

Circuit Ole

When I was gifted 13 polymer clay faces, I knew immediately what I wanted to make.  A circus of beaded clowns based on the performance artistry of Cirque du Soleil!  They all have silly hats, beaded bodies and magatama bead feet.  Their tent is a recycled DVD holder.