Monday, May 31, 2010

Saguaro Symphony - May BJP

May is a special time in the Sonoran Desert when the giant sentinels, the saguaro cacti, bloom. Around mid-May, you may view the small "nubs" officially known as inflourescents, on the heads and arms of the saguaro. Shortly thereafter, each saguaro seems to receive the memo to begin their journey of bloom. Before too long, small white flowers can be seen throughout the Arizona desert. The bats, birds and bees love it. I have used my beads to imitate the saguaro in their finest.

Star Stitch and Recycled Mag books

The book on the left shows a Star stitch and the small book on the right is covered with recycled magazine covers and has accordion pages.

One page at a Time

A fabric book with French Knots. You can insert pages into the book with the use of incorporated adhesive strips. Clever! Thanks to Angie Platten who taught the original class at Art Unraveled.

Coochy, Coochy Blue

This is a baby shoe that I beaded in blue. Don't ask why, just because. On the back on the shoe is the letter "R" for right. As kid's did we really know our right from our left foot? I will be beading the other shoe in pink.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

La Printemps - April BJP

The April BJP serves multi-purposes. It is a celebration of Don's 65th birthday; the mirror serves as a reflection of time; the coming of spring and a trip to Washington, DC. The doll has 3 floral gardens in her belly which are indicative of my visit to the DC Arboretum. The doll also incorporates a moss agate cabochon, a fitting stone for Spring. The fringe uses seed beads and small daggers. The doll hangs from a simple Ndebele embellished necklace. Happy Spring!

Scarlett's Style - Pacific Discoveries

This pattern was created by Scarlett Lanson. It uses Ndebele and RAW to create the necklace. A beaded bead serves as the focal bead and the bead caps are RAW. Bead wire keeps the entire necklace together.

Paper Doll Accordion book

My friend, Jann gave me some paper dolls (remember those?!) to play with. I found some old Simplicity pattern for the cover. The inside folds out like a closet with a "his" and "hers" side of the closet. Each item is removable.

Eye of the Tiger

Here is my swapped piece going to Sandra. It has a tiger eye and turquoise cabochons with bead embroidery. I chose a netted necklace to hang the piece from Notice the turquoise beads in the bead embroidery? It represents matrix going through the turquoise. Hope you enjoy it,Sandra!

Love of Lapis

This piece was made for me by Sandra Jaech for a bead swap. The lapis focal bead is brilliant and kept in place with a peyote bezel. The necklace is a twist on a spiral technique. How lucky am I?