Thursday, March 8, 2012

Diaboli dicert et apperebit (Speak of the Devil)

This is a collaborative effort. Wayne Robbins made the lampwork devil head and I beaded a body for this work. The devil has a removable cape. The subject matter is rather dark so I created a bit of whimsy with the tennis shoes. The devil now lives with Wayne.

Beaded tapestry

Isn't this a lovely tapestry done by my dear girlfriend, Christine. It measure 12x14" and has a great theme that I am fond of.

Various earrings

I have been into a immediate gratification process of making earring and enjoying them. Here are two I made in a brief time span. The set on the left are bronze shade and chrysolite opal rivoli pendant crystals hung on chain. The set on the right features lockets (by Wayne Robbins) and different types of metal.

Dos Equises Book

See how the binding makes the letter X? Hence the name in espanol. I choose cherry tree print for the binding paper knowing that the season is upon us.