Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov Beaded Journal Project - Fang Inspired Mask

I have always loved faces and masks and didn't want the year to slip by without making one. I like African masks for their simplicity and use of color. We have a few masks made by the Fang tribe. They use little color in the masks and use the wood carving to depict shadowing and different effects. The eyes, nose and round mouth are typical features of their masks.

The jury was out as to whether I should add fringe and/or hair to this mask. As mentioned, the masks are quite plain so for now I will leave it as is.

Multi-Stitch Bracelet w/Pearls

This bracelet pattern is by NanC Meinhart. It used size 11 seed beads and Keishi pearls. I love the texture achieved with the pearls. The pattern incorporates peyote and right angle weave.

Beaded Artist Trading Card (BATC)

Joan Knutson, East Valley Beader and I did a BATC swap. My only desire on my card was that it include the color purple.
Isn't this flower beautiful with the gold leaves surrounding it? Joan did a fantastic job and the fabric matches the piece as well.

Beaded Domino

My friend, Marlene wanted to wear her favorite number 9 in this domino. I did a double cab around the domino. The first layer consists of Niblet beads going around the perimeter of the block. The niblets stand quite tall from end to end and were the perfect bead to use for cabbinb. The second layer is a peyote base to add texture and extra stability to the heavy piece. An Ndebele bail hangs from the peyote base.

Grid & Bear It Book

Using two plastic mesh grids typically used for cross stitch, I incorporated them into a book. Underneath the grid is a metallic reflective paper. The focal mermaid is made of Friendly Plastic that has been altered with beads, wire and a face bead. Large sequins adorn the mermaid and a gold fish hangs from the top of the cover. Each signature is held in with a separate beaded binding.

Fiber & Beads ribbon book

Hand dyed shibori silk is featured on the cover of the book. The focal piece is a bead embroidered goddess body & face done in clay. The body is surrounded by no hole beads and seed beads. The book is put together with a ribbon binding and coptic stitch.