Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuscan twin bracelet

I made one of these in a different color and liked it so much that I made it in another color.  The pattern uses firepolish, twin and crystal beads.  Thank you to Shae, owner of Sweet Beads, Las Vegas, NV for the beautiful pattern.  I had a great time in your class!


Fall is almost here so why not a new necklace?  Right angle weave with delicate Czech beads to accent it.  The star button is vintage.

The Collector

 I recently got together with a number of friends each of us creating a mixed media sculpture.  The body consists of a cigar box and the legs are cigar tubes.  While I didn't think of myself as a collector, nothing on this figure was purchased!  Maybe I do have a hoarding issue!

Birds Gone Wild

CPS Create 2013!  This was a mixed media class called Birds Gone Wild! with Leighanna Light.  We play with different types of metals and cold connection creating a fun and crazy bird.

Whimsical bird

 Art Unraveled 2013!  This was a mixed media project lead by talented artist, Cindy Kovack.  We started with a bird form and platform.  From there, we painted and adorned the bird.  Fun stuff!