Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crystal RAW

I seem to be stuck on right angle weave this month and decided to do a diagonal pattern with crystals.  The change in color in subtle yet enough to catch one's eye.

Fish painting

My friend Barb and I took a painting class at Me the Artist.  Each of us painted a tropical fish learning how to blend color and mark making.  A fun diversion from the typical day.

Purse book

A sweet notebook in the shape of a purse.  The outside cover is made of crinkled postal paper.  Lots of signatures make this purse a hefty book.

Book Em, Bead Em(broidery)

A fancy bead embroidered bookmark which sits on the outside cover of your book.  Pages are held with the use of elastic.  The beadwork focuses on stacking, backstitch, use of sequins and finishing.

Assymetry bracelet

Assymetry bracelet - A RAW pattern that has been embellished on both sides.  2 in 1 bracelet depending on the mood of the wearer.