Friday, January 18, 2013

Egyptian pendant

After my girlfriend had struggled to make this bead embroidered pendant, I raised my hand and came to her aid.  She had seen a similar bracelet and I drew a pattern to her liking.  This pendant shows off cobalt blue with 24k gold Delicas.  Aren't they scrumptous?  She just received the pendant for her birthday and was soooo happy!

Geode Earrings

Dangling from the ears, these geode sparkles in the light.  Simple bead embroidered earrings pretty up anyone's ears.

Cigar box, embellished, #1

This is the first wood cigar box gift made for a friend during the holidays.  This lid was warped so sanding took place until it had nice flat edges.  The cloth embellishment (postcard size) has fabric that has been stamped with a letter B as well as a stamped bee image.  The bird on the edge is paper clay.  We all love a nice box, don't we?

Wood cigar box, embellished, box 2

 Having always loved a beautiful box/container,  I decided to spread the joy.  This lid was also slightly warped so I spent some time sanding it.  The embellished portion is a gel print (postcard size) with fascinating designs and colors.  I added  pretty some vintage buttons and a bead on top.  This was a holiday gift for a friend.