Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello Dolly

I had the opportunity to self publish a book of some of my favorite bead embroidered dolls.  The cover features Mini Me, aka Hot Flash Mama.  It is my self portrait.  Most dolls are beaded and include my love of mixed media inclusions.  A labor of love for sure.

My Garden

I was gifted the focal piece, a floral button.  From there I used the same theme of the button to create my garden using bead embroidery.  Little maroon flowers pop up here and there along with stems of greenery.  Also included are round and square vintage nailheads.  It closes with a magnetic slider clasp.

Canvas Books

A canvas books class was taught was Jane Eileen at Frenzy Stamper, Scottsdale, AZ.  We painted plain and embossed canvas anyway we desired.  We used stamps, stencils and virtually anything that would make a mark.  Once the canvas was dry, we sewed the sides together and embellished to the cover.  The signatures were added at the end of the project and any bulky items could be glue on later.  Fun!

Cigar box fun

We transformed a regular cardboard cigar box into a fun box to hold  a few precious treasures.  The box includes paint, clay, beads, twigs for a handle, words, stencils, wire and a pretty paper rose.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Net Effect

This is a pattern originally done by Sabine Lippert.  It uses hex beads, bicones, seed beads and a rivoli.  The bracelet closes with 2 hidden magnets under the closure.

Gift box

A special gift box for a birthday present.  Dyed fabric and quilted into the size of a post card.  The small quilt is embellished with square sequins.  The focal features a donut put in place by RAW technique.


This design was originally designed by Marcia DeCoster.  I enlarged it slightly to give as a gift.  The green crystals catch the light as they hang from the necklace.

Bling earrings

I made these earrings at the Tucson Swarovski show.  Eye catching crystals dangle to catch attention.  Each crystal is hung with a jump ring.

Not your Mama's Macrame

A macrame class taught by Linda Egner at our recent EVB bead retreat.  Such a wild and bold creation featuring some beautiful beads.  
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Saturday, October 6, 2012


A bead embroidered pendant using a paua shell spiral (from New Zealand) and labradorite cabochon.  The cab is held in by a netting stitch.  I have incorporated hex beads on the side. The top includes the hex beads done in a cubic RAW.  I love the symmetry of this.


Another Marcia Decoster creation.  I am slowly making my way through her book trying out the different patterns.  I am on a RAW roll; not available at any sushi bar!  The pendant is a lovely beaded bead with crystals.  The shape takes on a sea-like creature.  Originally meant to be wore with the chain going through the hole of the beaded bead.  I decided it was prettier hanging this way.  The chain matches the feel of the bead and is done in a simple spiral with crystals.


This is a pattern by Marcia DeCoster called Abacus.  It is done in size 11 and 15 seed beads.  The center portion is done in RAW with tiny turquoise bits.  I've embellished it with matching seed beads.  This project may be headed for the scissors; not sure I love it.

Gift bags

 I attended a workshop with 2 other crafty gals and this is one of the pieces we made.  They are small muslin gift bags with owl transfers.  Too cute and oh so easy.  Some special gift will go inside and be presented to a surprised person.

Monday, September 3, 2012


This fun floral bracelet is done on a RAW bracelet form.  All the flowers are done in Ndebele stitch.  Only one flower is different.  Can you find it?

DeCoster pendant

Thank you to Marcia DeCoster for this lovely RAW technique pattern.  I actually hung it upside down choosing not to hang a stone from the diamond shaped portion.  It is a double sided pendant.

Pave pendant

Thanks to Cynthia Rutledge's for this beautiful pendant in peyote and netting.  Abalone is the focal bead with crystals hanging from the netting.

Untitled MM painting

After coming back from Santa Fe, I felt inspired to try painting on canvas.  This piece uses a number of mixed media items, corrugated cardboard, netting, paper, Shiva sticks, charcoal and acrylics.  It was a different way of expression.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fo Lung (Fiery Dragon)

This was a bead challenge.  The original teapot form is shown on the top.  The photo below shows the transformed teapot, a Fiery Dragon.  A lampwork bead serves as the dragon's head.  The body is done in colorful sequins.  The dragon's saddle is made up of RAW technique embellished with firepolish beads.  Legs were  incorporated into the form.  Fo Lung wearily guards the gates.

Catch of the Day

A bead embroidered pendant featuring an ammonite and found sea shell.  Copper jump rings were sewn individually on the leather backing making for a net-like feeling.  The fringe includes metal and jasper beads.

Circuit Ole

When I was gifted 13 polymer clay faces, I knew immediately what I wanted to make.  A circus of beaded clowns based on the performance artistry of Cirque du Soleil!  They all have silly hats, beaded bodies and magatama bead feet.  Their tent is a recycled DVD holder.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crystal RAW

I seem to be stuck on right angle weave this month and decided to do a diagonal pattern with crystals.  The change in color in subtle yet enough to catch one's eye.

Fish painting

My friend Barb and I took a painting class at Me the Artist.  Each of us painted a tropical fish learning how to blend color and mark making.  A fun diversion from the typical day.

Purse book

A sweet notebook in the shape of a purse.  The outside cover is made of crinkled postal paper.  Lots of signatures make this purse a hefty book.

Book Em, Bead Em(broidery)

A fancy bead embroidered bookmark which sits on the outside cover of your book.  Pages are held with the use of elastic.  The beadwork focuses on stacking, backstitch, use of sequins and finishing.

Assymetry bracelet

Assymetry bracelet - A RAW pattern that has been embellished on both sides.  2 in 1 bracelet depending on the mood of the wearer.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Assymetry by Melanie Doerman.  This lovely necklace pattern was authored by Ms Doerman who recently left us.  I made this reversible necklace in her honor.

Cinderella Affair Bracelets

I have been busy making bracelets for the annual Cinderella Affair.  Prom dresses and bracelets/jewelry are given to high school girls who cannot afford to otherwise purchase these things.

Quatrafoil pedant

Quatrafoil pendant features a circular peyote ring embellished with 2mm crystals.  Inside the ring is a metal quatrafoil shape where several different shaped crystals hang.

Soldered book

The dragon image on the glass was made by a programmable Cricut machine.  The glass was soldered unto a steel plate.  One look is clear glass and the back is frosted.   Signatures were then bound into leather.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jo Sun (Good Morning!)

Bronze clay pieces by Judie Mountain.  Piece is adored with decorative sequins, rondelles, and seed beads.

Circuit Ole

Polymer face gifted to me by Kristy.  Beaded bead serves as the body while bugle bead serve as arms and legs.    A magatama bead is perfect for this little guy' shoes.  He sits in a glass ring which has been beaded with peyote stich and embellished.  His has is a genuine piece of an a found acorn.  He is the first of 14 beaded clowns for my circus, Circuit Ole.

Piano hinge book

A sassy piano hinge book with colored waxed linen thread and beads to dress it up.

RAW Lariat

Another RAW lariat using pearls instead of bicones. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maku Rakewl

My first bead embroidered neck piece. The focal raku bead is done by Mac. See more of her work at Additional raku beads are used throughout the piece.

Tila Tunnel

A fun dagger looking bracelet using Tilas , flowers, rondelles and seed beads.

Fish Tales

A redo of a lampwork fish with human face. Artist: Wayne Robbins. The fish sits atop a "coral reef". It hangs with a right angle weave bail on a spiral necklace with blue "bubbles".

Turquoise Treats

A gift of turquoise for a friend. Bead Embroidery done on turquoise cabs accented with brown and turquoise rondelles.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Diaboli dicert et apperebit (Speak of the Devil)

This is a collaborative effort. Wayne Robbins made the lampwork devil head and I beaded a body for this work. The devil has a removable cape. The subject matter is rather dark so I created a bit of whimsy with the tennis shoes. The devil now lives with Wayne.

Beaded tapestry

Isn't this a lovely tapestry done by my dear girlfriend, Christine. It measure 12x14" and has a great theme that I am fond of.

Various earrings

I have been into a immediate gratification process of making earring and enjoying them. Here are two I made in a brief time span. The set on the left are bronze shade and chrysolite opal rivoli pendant crystals hung on chain. The set on the right features lockets (by Wayne Robbins) and different types of metal.