Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brilliant Buckle Bracelet

This bracelet appeared in Beadwork magazine, Feb/Mar 2011. It caught my eye and I love the buckle effect. The bracelet is done in size 11 hex beads. The photo on the left shows the bracelet in its closed position while the photo on the right shows the creation in its open position. I stacked button and a bead on the looping portion of the closure.

Hercules Knot

I love the idea of this bracelet. It uses the Ndebele stitch to increase and decrease the width of the bracelet. A knot is made by interlocking loops. The bezeled rivoli can be changed out for another stone at the flick of a snap. Cool!

Signs of Spring

I originally made this pendant for a gal who loves green.
When I finished it, I decided it was not large enough for her taste and made something else.
The focal bead is ceramic. Around the bead is an Ndebele bezel. Minty green bicones dangle from the bezel.

Blue Saturn Star

A Right Angle Weave bezeled rivoli pendant made to look like a star. A gift for my mom.