Sunday, June 27, 2010

Key to Enlightenment - June's BJP

I walked past a Buddha everyday in my childhood home. I never realized how the image stayed with me until I looked at my artwork. Crystals circle Buddha's head. The Buddha image reminds me to look within for answers. Deep breathing has helped me during this month of turmoil. The orange agate at the bottom of Buddha represents our 100 degree weather in which this piece was created. Peace.

Think Pink!

Having completed a blue baby shoe, it was time to work on the other shoe and create a pink version. This shoe features little pink lips, bugles, size 11 and 8 pink beads, rose quartz chunks and little pink heart sequins. On the back the of shoe is the letter "L" which stands for left. Thank you Linda K for the pink bead soup!!

Romancing the Lariat

This lariat design was created by Cynthia Rutledge. I was priviledged to purchase the pattern directly from Cynthia at one of her recent trunk shows. The graduated colors in the necklace is a spiral stitch. The lariat has a host of beaded beads, some from the pattern and some I invented. What fun to wear.

June Round Robin Doll

This is Sassy's doll and I got it first. The theme of the doll is "How does your Garden Grow?" I placed flowers all over the doll's head, a daisy chain around her waist and a dragonfly on her shoulder. There are a total of 6 beaders who will add to this doll.