Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mom's 90th present

I couldn't let my mom sit unjeweled! I made her this green embellished rivoli with spiral rope to match. This was one of many gifts for mom.

Camelot Cross Bracelet

This is a pattern from Beadwork Magazine, Feb/Mar 2011, by Carole Ohl. It features Ndebele and peyote stitch techniques. For some reason I have been using lots of gray and black combinations lately.

Beaded button

I beaded this button but haven't decided what to do with it yet. It sits on my table for inspiration. You never know when you get that little tap of creativity.

Simple "embezeling"

I wanted a simple rivoli with a little bling. A double row of crystals sets off this rivoli. Not too flashy and just my size.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bracelet Zerly

Oh, I love this bracelet design. The original pattern had little written instructions so the start was a challenge. Once I got the pattern written, it was smooth sailing. I used vintage Swarovski rivolis and pearls. I like the pattern so much that I am making another using amber rivolis.

Credit for the pattern.

Summer fling

This necklace is based on Laura McCabe's Winter Berries lariat. This features a spiral design using seed beads and Charlottes. The spiral has been doubly embellished with flowers, leaves, and cubes. Perfect for a summer day.

A little fishy

A small peyote beaded fish. Too cute for words. I just happen to have to fin-like beads. How perfect!

Keishi Pearls

Seed beads and keishi pearls grace this bracelet. The original pattern was done by NanC Meinhart. What a great use of texture.

Braided Binding

This was a challenging binding which uses 6 needles. Once you got into the "swing" of it, it became easier.