Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bee Bop

Meet the newest doll, Bee Bop. I was gifted the porcelain face many years ago by my friend, Sharon. One day as I was contemplating a new project, I ran across the face. After looking through my muslin forms, I thought a bee would be perfect for bead embroidery. The design is brightly colored size 8, 11, 15, seed beads, glass beads, sequins, acrylic hands and ArtGlitter. The head is surrounded by daisy chain with a bindi highlighting the doll's face. She is my 2nd favorite doll next to Galwani.

Winter Berries Necklace

I like the gray on gray scheme for this necklace. The pattern is by Laura McCabe. I have tweaked it a bit. The DNA spiral is used for the necklace. The spiral is embellished with various sizes of pearls, flowers and glass beads.

Exposed binding stitch

This stitch has the appropriate name. After I choose the nautilus paper and completed the book, I wanted to embellish it. The book is now decorated with tiny shells and a sliced portion of a shell.

Bead Embroidered Brooch

I have now made several of these small brooches and am enjoying the process. Each color scheme has been different and they all have their unique characteristics. This pin will be sent to a friend in Hawaii. We send each other holiday goodies after the fact. Hope she likes it!

Faux Leather Distressed Book

My friends and I spent many hours on this fab book. Doesn't it look like leather? It is actually a lowly paper bag that has been distressed, folded and painted. Grunge letters are sewn down with Scrabble tiles added. The book closes with a wrap around thong. The pattern is taken from Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine, Nov/Dec 2010 issue.