Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello Dolly

I had the opportunity to self publish a book of some of my favorite bead embroidered dolls.  The cover features Mini Me, aka Hot Flash Mama.  It is my self portrait.  Most dolls are beaded and include my love of mixed media inclusions.  A labor of love for sure.

My Garden

I was gifted the focal piece, a floral button.  From there I used the same theme of the button to create my garden using bead embroidery.  Little maroon flowers pop up here and there along with stems of greenery.  Also included are round and square vintage nailheads.  It closes with a magnetic slider clasp.

Canvas Books

A canvas books class was taught was Jane Eileen at Frenzy Stamper, Scottsdale, AZ.  We painted plain and embossed canvas anyway we desired.  We used stamps, stencils and virtually anything that would make a mark.  Once the canvas was dry, we sewed the sides together and embellished to the cover.  The signatures were added at the end of the project and any bulky items could be glue on later.  Fun!

Cigar box fun

We transformed a regular cardboard cigar box into a fun box to hold  a few precious treasures.  The box includes paint, clay, beads, twigs for a handle, words, stencils, wire and a pretty paper rose.