Saturday, May 30, 2015

Raku Shield

The focal raku bead was made by talented and local AZ artist, Mak.  The bronze clay triangle was made by artist, Judie Mountain.  This is bead embroidered.  It hangs from 3 blue chains and I incorporated 2 raku beads on the necklace made by Diane Hawkey.

Bird on 62nd Place

This is a wood bird that has been embellished to the the hilt.  It stands atop bead stones and a beaded basket.

Glass donut

The blue glass donut is made by lampwork artist, Terry Henry.  It has been bead embroidered and has fringe to accent the donut.  


The toad head is made by lampwork artist, Wayne Robbins.  The body, arms, trunks and legs are done in Ndebele.