Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Green envy

This is my bead embroidered surprise for my friend, Tine. She loves green and I used a green porcelain cab as the focal and worked from there. The top starburst shape is done in Ndebele stitch.


Never having bezeled a triangular rivoi, this project was a good challenge. The pattern is done by Ann Benson and features 2 round rivolis and a triangular one. The rivolis are combined with pearls. The bracelet is netted.

Fused glass

I made this for a girlfriend who likes simple jewelry. A silver bail shows off a piece of my fused glass. The pendant hangs from a spiral rope.
She was surprised and loves her present!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Ripple Effect

I was gifted the Moonstone and wanted to keep in tune with the color of the stone. I opted for a monochromatic theme. Metal chips encircle the stone. The 6 stone-like beads are vintage nail heads. The design seemed to call for a circular design, hence the ripples.

Dragon Burst

I had a leftover bezeled rivoli that was screaming to be put to use. An Ndebele base serves well for the multiple daggers. Leaves separate the daggers from the rivoli.

Sunshine bracelet

A Water Lily rivoli is encased with an Ndebele bezel. I beaded two small strips of peyote and brought them together with 4mm Water Lily crystals.

Haunted House

This was a prefabricated bird house from Joann's Etc. A few of us got together to make our own spooky house. The photo on the right is the front of the house complete with giant fly on the roof. Found empty bullet shells surround the perimeter of the house. The photo on the left shows one side of the house with an embellished matchbook of Frida Kahlo and a flying bat. Fun to act like a kid!

Haunted House journal

This fun haunted house journal has a precut chipboard house for the front and back cover. The house is then covered with scary paper and bound with a coptic stitch. Each black signature features a piece of Halloween decorative paper.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blingy necklace

This RAW necklace sparkled even more after its embellishment. Perfect for the little black dress affairs.

Albertine necklace

This necklace pattern was shown in Beadwork magazine and the beaded bead look is called Albion stitch. From afar, it looks like a RAW pattern but done quite differently. Once the beads are embellished, they sparkle like stars.

Button pendant

I finally got around to embellishing the bezeled button. I will make a necklace with blue drops for the pendant or I can where it with the above design.

Refined Ruffles

I tried a different look this month. I bought the supplies at the Bead Renaissance show in Denver, CO during our bead retreat. The necklace pattern is by Nora Farnsworth, Sonoran Beads. It features, wire lace embellished with crystals and charlottes. The lace is then inserted on the silk tube.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Single Eiffel Tower

This is a portion of Laura McCabe's Eiffel Tower bracelet. The towers actually go entirely around the wrist.
As I made the components and sat them on my wrist, it overwhelmed my arm. I instead choose to use one component and used a peyote stitch off
the sides to create a new look. I finished off the look with a bit more bling. The bracelet snaps close.

Eiffel Tower reconstructed

After the above story, I used the remainder of the Eiffel Tower components to make a pendant.
Problem is, I didn't care for how it hung from my neck. So, snip, snip. We'll see what happens next with it.

Cellini Spiral

It had been years since I attempted the Cellini spiral. I now remember why I had not...It is a super slow project. I do like the results. There is a plastic tube inside the necklace that keeps the shape. Glad that's over!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mom's 90th present

I couldn't let my mom sit unjeweled! I made her this green embellished rivoli with spiral rope to match. This was one of many gifts for mom.

Camelot Cross Bracelet

This is a pattern from Beadwork Magazine, Feb/Mar 2011, by Carole Ohl. It features Ndebele and peyote stitch techniques. For some reason I have been using lots of gray and black combinations lately.

Beaded button

I beaded this button but haven't decided what to do with it yet. It sits on my table for inspiration. You never know when you get that little tap of creativity.

Simple "embezeling"

I wanted a simple rivoli with a little bling. A double row of crystals sets off this rivoli. Not too flashy and just my size.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bracelet Zerly

Oh, I love this bracelet design. The original pattern had little written instructions so the start was a challenge. Once I got the pattern written, it was smooth sailing. I used vintage Swarovski rivolis and pearls. I like the pattern so much that I am making another using amber rivolis.

Credit www.lestresorsdildes.com for the pattern.

Summer fling

This necklace is based on Laura McCabe's Winter Berries lariat. This features a spiral design using seed beads and Charlottes. The spiral has been doubly embellished with flowers, leaves, and cubes. Perfect for a summer day.

A little fishy

A small peyote beaded fish. Too cute for words. I just happen to have to fin-like beads. How perfect!

Keishi Pearls

Seed beads and keishi pearls grace this bracelet. The original pattern was done by NanC Meinhart. What a great use of texture.

Braided Binding

This was a challenging binding which uses 6 needles. Once you got into the "swing" of it, it became easier.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Balancing Act

The blue rivoli was gifted to me by a friend. The bezel is done in netting. The bail is made to look like a toggle and clasp. The necklace is done in Ndebele twist stitch and triangles to add interest.

Squishy the fishy

This tropical butterfly fish is the result of a Round Robin beading session with 4 beaders contributing their skills to complete this gorgeous marine specimen. The fish are just as colorful in the wild.


A 14mm rivoli has been bezeled and partially netted with crystals. A Swarovski pearl and a drop hang delicately from the rivoli just to add a bit of attention. This is a gift for a visiting friend.

Beaded Bottle

I've always joked that if anything sat around too long, it would be beaded. An empty Ginseng bottle is no longer lonely in its glass vial. It has been beaded with 2-drop peyote with the colors of California.

Sewing over Cords

This blank journal shows sewing over cords. A nice way to display special cording. I love the colors used in this journal!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's face it

After viewing Sherry Serafini's newest publication, I became inspired to create a bead embroidered bracelet. This one highlights a raku face button. I shaved the button shank off and built up the bezel. I've incorporated sequins, Czech donuts, wire, pearl rondelles, and vintage nail heads.

Dragon Bangle

Animal, mineral or vegetable???? Try magatamas, the newly shaped bead that looks like a large scale. The beads must all face the same way in order to look symmetric.

Scarlett's Passion

A twisted Ndebele necklace with 3mm Firepolish beads, amethyst and beaded bead.

Crossed structure Binding

A nice book with a peek a boo crossed structure binding.


Super simple wire earrings wired with crystals. A quick fix for those wanting something new for their ears.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hoop Dreams

The focal bead is a fish with the sweetest face created by Wayne Robbins. The fish is jumping through a hoop. The necklace is embellished Ndebele to match the hoops. Small 2mm crystals and Delicas adorn the necklace and hoops.

Piazza Perline Bracelet turned Pendant

This is a pattern (same name) by Jill Wiseman originally intended to be a bracelet. As I began putting the pieces together, I saw something totally different and decided to make a pendant.

Looks like a disco ball of sorts.

Crazy Quilt Beading

Here is a fun and cheerful bracelet done very slowly in square stitch. I made a template on graph paper first so that I could visualize my pattern. Once I was in the groove of beading, I continued until completion. I even found square buttons to use as closures.

Doesn't it remind you of the crazy quilts?

Beaded Animal Round Robin

This is a bird I worked on for the month of March. Bright seed beads and sequins adorn this creation. It is flying off to one more beader for completion.

Next and last in line is a seahorse project.


This book cover features faux metal with yes, embedded puzzle pieces. Paints, alcohol ink and stamped words and images can be found on the cover.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beaded Canes

I restored 7 Navajo canes (circa 19th century) for a collector. An rather challenging job.

Beaded Animal Round Robin

I am a part of a round robin focused on beading an animal shape. This cat is the first shape I received and I decided to bead the head complete with bangs, make a bling necklace and create a tail. The cat has be sent to another beader to continue the process.