Monday, January 2, 2012

Choora bracelet, 2

Yes, this is another Choora bracelet. I liked the first one so much, had to have another. This one is done with Firepolish beads and rondelles for a totally different look. Wish I could find an antique 8 ringed clasp for this one.

Keishi kicker

I had been thinking about this necklace for some time after purchasing the keishi pearls and wondering what to do with them. I used a right angle weave to incorporate keishis and crystals. The necklace is completed in a 2 drop peyote. A inside tube helps keep the shape of the necklace.

Choora bracelet

Rachel from Beyond Beadery was wearing this gorgeous right angle weave bracelet and we all loved it. She did her bracelet using crystals and pearls. I used the same elements. The 8 ringed clasp is perfect for this bracelet.

Encaustic play, part 2

Advanced beeswax class showing the incorporation of color. What do you suppose the bird and bat are talking about???

Encaustic play

Queen Bee....I took a class with Jack and Cat Curio out in Mesa. We played with beeswax. This piece shows the different dimensions one can get with wax. Fun and smells good too.