Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BaBa - Beaded Journal Project, March

After our recent trip to Tucson African Village, the vendors inspired me to make this pendant. We were bartering for beads with a vendor who was watching a stall. He did not know the prices and kept screaming "BaBa". We found out later that BaBa meant brother. We bought the beads but BaBa never showed up. I made my own BaBa. The face is of polymer clay. The color of beads represent African mudcloth. BaBa's hair is made of black seed beads with small brass rings on the end. BaBa hangs from an Ndebele rope.

Bead embroidery

This piece is third in a series of bead embroidery. This can be worn as a pin or pendant. The other two creations are done in blue and yellow.

Head in the Clouds

The bead embroidery piece was inspired by the druzy stone on the bottom of the creation. The two rivolis are bezeled with peyote stitch and lifted off the piece with an extra peyote circle. The height of the rivolis matches the large size of the druzy. The colors of spring make this a happy piece.


BiBi means lady. This is a 3-D sculpture. The head is made of polymer clay. The body is a saguaro boot (the scab formed in the holes of saguaros). BiBi has peyote arms and beaded boobs. She also has a neck of beads. BiBi carries a clay baby on her back.

Teeny Book

A small book for your purse or pocket. Good for single thoughts, daydreams or a quick note to self. This is made from the cardboard cup holders you find at Starbuck's and other coffee shops. I dressed it up with acrylic paints and beads.

Single Page Codex Book

This book uses a laminate sample as the cover; yes the kind you see at the home improvement stores. All signatures are thick and hard to fold. This stitch is perfect for such.