Monday, December 2, 2013

Aurora Borealis

This lovely necklace was made on my Alaska bead cruise with Nancy Cain.  We learned how to make the gorgeous beaded beads with perfect tension.  Briolettes accent the piece with some netted work too.  Thank you, Nancy!

Reverse Magic Bracelet

Look carefully!  You are not seeing double but are looking at a reversible bracelet.  One side has pearls and the other has crystals.  How clever!
Another right angle weave basic core bracelet that has been embellished to the hilt!


A right angle weave (RAW) bracelet pattern by Marcia DeCoster. This bracelet was made on a bead cruise to Alaska.  Marcia was one of the instructors teaching this beautiful bracelet which includes pearls and crystals.  Thank you Marcia!

Purple lariat

I saw a similar lariat and got inspired by the right angle weave (RAW) of this design.  It is a triangular RAW embellished with drop beads.  The pendant hangs nicely with an amethyst bead in a brick stitch design highlighted with crystals.

Sparkling Bracelet

 A beautiful brick stitched bracelet.  I love the geometrical design and colors in the design.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuscan twin bracelet

I made one of these in a different color and liked it so much that I made it in another color.  The pattern uses firepolish, twin and crystal beads.  Thank you to Shae, owner of Sweet Beads, Las Vegas, NV for the beautiful pattern.  I had a great time in your class!


Fall is almost here so why not a new necklace?  Right angle weave with delicate Czech beads to accent it.  The star button is vintage.

The Collector

 I recently got together with a number of friends each of us creating a mixed media sculpture.  The body consists of a cigar box and the legs are cigar tubes.  While I didn't think of myself as a collector, nothing on this figure was purchased!  Maybe I do have a hoarding issue!

Birds Gone Wild

CPS Create 2013!  This was a mixed media class called Birds Gone Wild! with Leighanna Light.  We play with different types of metals and cold connection creating a fun and crazy bird.

Whimsical bird

 Art Unraveled 2013!  This was a mixed media project lead by talented artist, Cindy Kovack.  We started with a bird form and platform.  From there, we painted and adorned the bird.  Fun stuff!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Madame R.M. Wasabi

The ceramic delft face was gifted to me by another beader.  The face had an Asian look to it so I went with a geisha idea.  A bead embroidered robe with metal dragon.  The hair is built up on 3 layers of fringe.  The bun on her head is made from a felt bead used for the core with black beads wrapping it.  The hands and feet were made by another beader friend.

Etched metal bracelet

This was a fun and different class using brass plates and etching bird designs in each.  The links are put together with rings.  The entire bracelet comes together with chain and a handmade clasp.


More instant gratification.  Left to right:  Pearls take the stage here.  Little bird beads are the focal.  Colorful beads brighten up any outfit.

Altoid tin trade w/doll

I participated in an Altoids Tin trade.  The pink painted box is the altered tin.  Inside lives a miniature beaded doll.  

Encaustic - Clothes line

 Encaustic play with fabric.  A mini clothesline for the fun of it all.

Encaustic - Frida

A bit of a switch from beads.  Encaustic play with Frida Kahlo.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gimme a Kiss Angler Fish

The was a heart challenge presented in one of my bead groups.  Do you see the heart shape?  It was time to step out of the box and create something using the shape in a different way.  Voila!  This cute yet vicious fish gets his prey by wiggling his lure to unsuspecting victims.


This turquoise pendant features the newest technique of using soutache.  Soutache is a type of braiding originally used in military uniforms.

Tuscan Twin bracelet

This Tuscan Twin bracelet is a pattern from Shae Wilhite of Sweet Beads in Las Vegas.  I was fortunate enough to take a class with her to make this beauty.  it was a fun adventure using twin beads, RAW techniques and netting.  Thanks Shae!  

Friday, April 19, 2013

Variations of a Theme

My first of three collaborative pieces.  The blown glass bead is from Alana Reifel's Unique Beads.  I had admired this beautiful bead for some time and thought it would be interesting as a bead embroidered piece.  Here are the two variations I came up with using different types of sequins and spikes in the designs.

At Home, Sing Your Song

This is a collaborative piece.  The focal piece is made by artist Diane Hawkey.  I beaded around the focal bead and turned it into a house structure.  Several small additions were added for interest.

The Aquarium

This is a collaborative piece of work.  The lampwork glass pendant by artist Terry Henry which reminded me of an aquarium.  It is encased in peyote stitch with a touch of purple Keishi pearls.  The bail is done in brick stitch.

Windsor Pendant

From The Crown Jewels Collection, Windsor Pendant by Leslee Frummin.  Why not make several in different colors?!

Earring mania

 A few new earrings to add to my collection.  I especially like the ones on the top far left which are druzy.  The top and bottom right side is a pattern from Leslee Frummin from The Crown Jewels collection called Wales earrings.  The style on the bottom left is a twin bead pattern from Preciosa.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Buddha's Bliss

The raku bowl was make by Mak of    When I got the bead, I knew it would be a good challenge with its shape.  I make a peyote base for the buddha head and place some knit wire underneath the head to add some interest.  The triangular portion has sequin leaves and seed beads.  To give it some more Asian flair, I attached a jade pendant to the bottom attached with ladder stitch.  This was a collaborative project and now belongs to Mak.

Buddha's Temple

This beaded cuff came together as a result of a raku button made by local artist, Mak.  Contact her at for more info.
The buddha face is perched on top of her raku button.  I decided to peyote 2 separate strips and attach them to Ultrasuede.  The peyote is further embellished with rondelles and pearls.

Puffer Fish

I had a felt ball challenge  and came up with this cute puffer fish idea.  The felt ball is adorned with bugles.  His eyes are wood beads with a small seed bead for the pupil.  The mouth is made of colored wire.  I have swam with these funny little inflatable fish.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I beautiful necklace depicting the form of an icycle.   The original pattern is by Laura McCabe.

Net effect

I made the same bracelet by Sabine Lippert in a blue and maroon.  I liked it so much, I decided a green and gold one would look nice too.  The second go around was nice and easy!

Jasper earrings

Pretty Jasper earrings that are light and pretty for any occasion

Black earrings

I needed some black earrings so have been busy making different versions.  

Swarovski Ambassador Project

This sweet project is from Leslee Frummin, a Swarovski ambassador.  Love the simplicity of its nature with a nice use of crystal and various size pearls.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Egyptian pendant

After my girlfriend had struggled to make this bead embroidered pendant, I raised my hand and came to her aid.  She had seen a similar bracelet and I drew a pattern to her liking.  This pendant shows off cobalt blue with 24k gold Delicas.  Aren't they scrumptous?  She just received the pendant for her birthday and was soooo happy!

Geode Earrings

Dangling from the ears, these geode sparkles in the light.  Simple bead embroidered earrings pretty up anyone's ears.

Cigar box, embellished, #1

This is the first wood cigar box gift made for a friend during the holidays.  This lid was warped so sanding took place until it had nice flat edges.  The cloth embellishment (postcard size) has fabric that has been stamped with a letter B as well as a stamped bee image.  The bird on the edge is paper clay.  We all love a nice box, don't we?

Wood cigar box, embellished, box 2

 Having always loved a beautiful box/container,  I decided to spread the joy.  This lid was also slightly warped so I spent some time sanding it.  The embellished portion is a gel print (postcard size) with fascinating designs and colors.  I added  pretty some vintage buttons and a bead on top.  This was a holiday gift for a friend.