Saturday, October 6, 2012


A bead embroidered pendant using a paua shell spiral (from New Zealand) and labradorite cabochon.  The cab is held in by a netting stitch.  I have incorporated hex beads on the side. The top includes the hex beads done in a cubic RAW.  I love the symmetry of this.


Another Marcia Decoster creation.  I am slowly making my way through her book trying out the different patterns.  I am on a RAW roll; not available at any sushi bar!  The pendant is a lovely beaded bead with crystals.  The shape takes on a sea-like creature.  Originally meant to be wore with the chain going through the hole of the beaded bead.  I decided it was prettier hanging this way.  The chain matches the feel of the bead and is done in a simple spiral with crystals.


This is a pattern by Marcia DeCoster called Abacus.  It is done in size 11 and 15 seed beads.  The center portion is done in RAW with tiny turquoise bits.  I've embellished it with matching seed beads.  This project may be headed for the scissors; not sure I love it.

Gift bags

 I attended a workshop with 2 other crafty gals and this is one of the pieces we made.  They are small muslin gift bags with owl transfers.  Too cute and oh so easy.  Some special gift will go inside and be presented to a surprised person.