Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jackson Pollack...sort of!

Don loves Pollack but since his works are a bit out of our price range he decided to do his own. This one is 72" by 60". It is titled "Our House in the Desert". He collected all of the leftover house paint (plus a little of Victoria's "good stuff") and locked himself in the garage for several days. This is the result.


Anonymous said...

Jackson Pollack would be happy that you were inspired!

Love the piece, keep on splattering!

Beadily yours

Roccena said...


This is great. I think that Jackson Pollack would be impressed with your work and fearing the impending competition.


Buffalo said...

You either spent too much time in da garage,...or, not enough time in da garage. Actually, this would fool me as a Jackson Pollack original! ~Buffalo, N.Y. and daughter