Monday, February 11, 2008

Felted items

I've been playing with needle felting and made these two 2x2" items for "The Pink Challenge" to sponsor the Susan B. Koman Foundation. The piece on the far left entitled "Giving a Hand" has a needle felted hand with dove flying out of its palm. The remaining portion is bead embroidered. This piece will be included on an art doll. The piece on the right is entitled "Have a Heart" and is all needle felted with sequin flower on top and Aids memorial ribbon in the heart. This piece will be included in a wall hanging.


Denise said...

I like these! What a cool idea. I've been felting and stuff too and it's very interesting to get different effects. I like adding angelina fibers to it too.
cheers, Denise

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Stunning, stunning, STUNNING! Victoria, as is always the case PHOTOS just do not do justice to the real deal! and I'm loving holding these lil works of art in my hands. Thank you for creating these pieces, I'll totally honor your wishes and add the hand to the doll and heart to the wall art. Amazing! I'm really going to enjoy stitching these masterpieces to our charity art. You inspire! xo, Monica :)

abeadlady said...

I love your felted squares. I'm trying to learn more about needle felting myself. What a nice addition to the Pink Artist doll.


rubbergranny said...

What a nice addition to a charity event. The beading with the felting creates a richness as well as a contrasting texture and hard with the soft. Nicely done.