Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept Beaded Journal Page - Tall Rock

Tall Rock

I knowingly waited for my visit to Cork's bead retreat to create this piece. The large picture window has a spectacular view of pines, animals and sheer rocks that reach for the heavens. Of special note, is "Tall Rock" (photo at right) which catches the sun beams in a most spectacular way. Every moment, the light hits the giant rock in different ways creating shadows and brightness.
Tall Rock is at the bottom of the piece surrounded by pine trees and "golden" background. The yellow beads represent the changing colors of the highly located Aspens.
We visited the open house of Beyond Beadery and purchased "niblet" beads which are incorporated in the fringe.
Thank you, Cork!


Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed a link on the BJP site about this piece, but I'm glad you started to follow my blog because that's how I came to see this lovely piece! The rock and pine trees are perfect. I know these things are not easy to achieve in small beads, but you did it. I live in the NJ Pinelands, must try beading some pine trees as well.

Margaret Sutherland said...

Very lovely piece. And what a wonderful inspiration. I can understand why you waited.

a2susan said...

Every piece you make is just delightful. I love how your shape can evoke so many different emotions, memories, and settings.

Cyndi L said...

Ohmygoodness! What a wonderful time you must have had. I certainly love the result :-)

Penny said...

This is absolutely beautiful - you captured the rocks, pine trees and aspens perfectly.

Robin said...

You are so talented, Victoria! And to have all these wearable pendants to remind you of special places and times in this year is fabulous! I like how the nibblet beads look in the fringe!

Robin A.