Thursday, October 28, 2010

Full Moon Rising - Oct BJP

This month I was thinking about how we had a Harvest Moon. The light from the moon is so brilliant. As I started my October project, we were enjoying yet another full moon. It seemed as if daylight had occurred and all the energies were being released to shine upon us. My piece this month celebrates our full moons. The Goddess presents the full moon to us.


Barbara said...

Being born a July "Moonchild" I totally relate to the moon's phases. I've also been in a challenge to make an art doll representing the traditional name for the full moon of each month. So, of course, I love your piece! The Goddess presentation was genius. Very striking!

Cyndi L said...

The colors of this piece are just so lovely...subtle and soft, just like the moon!

BJP said...

Beautifully done, I love the colors & the design.
Thanks for sharing