Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Soft sculpture - Beaded

As a member of a Beaded Art Doll group, I will be beading a calendar doll each month of the year. We began in September and here is "Fall's Frenzy". Her face is made of polymer clay and she is totally beaded with size 11 seed bead. Her bead colors change on her body as do the leaves. Her brown beads represent the veining of the leaves. She holds the fallen leaves of autumn. She stands 2x8" .


Gypsy said...

You know I love how you used the block as the stand!!
So, to get inside that crafty mind of yours a bit more, Victoria, I am tagging you for a meme...visit my blog for details, and don't hold back!! Aryd'ell

Lin Moon said...

I just discovered your wonderful beading - this doll is fabulous!

Lin Moon said...
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